Hi, I am Dr. Kavita Beri. I am a board-certified scientist and physician in the regenerative medicine field, a certified yoga teacher, and a cancer survivor. I have a deep interest in the application and research in the field of vibrational medicine and how discoveries in this field can be connected to anti-aging aesthetics.

Research is my driving force. My belief is that we can make connections between how Yogic and Vedic ideologies and beliefs can help to guide scientific discoveries and facts. Connecting with the “realm of the unseen” gives scientists a more hypothetical and theoretical view of things which can lead them to greater discoveries.

What is vibrational medicine?

Vibrational medicine is a branch of medicine that takes into account the multi-dimensional human energy system by looking at the many forms and frequencies of vibrating energy—atoms—within the body. It is a principle of healing that uses the living energy within something.


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Interview With Dr Kavita Beri; Graceful Aging

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Poster Presentations /Abstracts : National & International

A novel approach to contouring the submental area and jawline; First reported case series combining ultrasound technology and unipolar radiofrequency for noninvasive submental contouring;  Abstract Showcased at The Skin Of Color Seminar New York  May 2018.

Neo Niche: Laser application epidermal stem cell stimulation and wound healing.

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A novel approach to treating atrophic acne scars in ethnic skin first reported case:  Combining Fractionated Non-Ablative Q Switched Nd:YAG 1,064 nm Wavelength Laser with topical plant stem cell Extract, n’ acetyl glucosamine and adapalene gel.

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Neocollagenesis in the superficial and deep dermis using combination treatment with Q switched 1,064 ND-YAG laser, plant stem cell extract and n’acetylglucosamine:  NEO NICHE TM

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Beri K, Milgraum S. Neocollagenesis in the superficial and deep dermis using combination treatment with Q switched 1,064 ND-YAG laser, plant stem cell extract and n’acetylglucosamine:  NEO NICHE TM

  • Presented:  6th BSRT PhD Symposium: Revealing Prometheus Secrets’ – Current Technologies of Tissue and Organ Regeneration and their Clinical Perspective, Brandon Berg Institute of regenerative medicine Berlin Germany, Dec 2nd 2015.

A Rare Presentation of Spontaneous Hemothorax associated with “The Royal Disease.” Beri, K MD, Menascaul, JP MD.

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