It was truly an honor to share the platform on a panel discussion related to women’s health at the Global Women’s Forum 2017 held at Les Salles du Carrousel Paris, France.

 “Reframing wellbeing as a key to resilience and change” A topic that needs much buzz and media attention in a disrupted and stressful world. The panel discussion moderated eloquently by Jennifer Lea from Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, and shared with Dr. Stephanie Covington, Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora, Monica Seles and myself, was a dynamic and energy filled hour in which each panelist brought to light many issues that we as women encounter in our fast-paced  demanding  roles.

I have to thank philosophy for taking the initiative in bringing such important issue related to well-being for women, and mind body health to the forefront.  In my background in regenerative medicine and cosmetics, I see self-image and beauty as an important element in a woman’s journey, and it is particularly important to see how this element can empower a woman instead of looking at beauty with a perception of vanity that increases stress. As women we  hold amazing potential once we connect and channel our divine feminine energy.  The inner goddess, as I see her, appreciates her beauty and executes each of her multiple roles smoothly, but without sacrificing herself. She is soft and delicate, yet invincible. We witness true empowerment  when we are ready to channel our vulnerability towards opening our consciousness to become fully who we  trully are. Connecting our mind-body and spirit and being present in our current moment. 

I truly admire Dr. Covington on her work and the insights she shared related to mental well-being in women’s health.   It was an honor connecting with Tennis star Monica Seles, with her views on resilience and experiences as a woman coming from a high pressure athletic background.  Marie-Pierre, the Global SVP of philosophy brand, Coty is an inspiration, a woman who takes a leading executive role with a brand  which  puts equal efforts in giving back to the community and helping spread the message of well-being and empowerment to many women.

At the end of the panel discussion, each of us took back inspiration and hope with a renewed resolve to continue such efforts in our own respective fields. Making stronger bonds with each other and a deeper connection to the divine feminine energy we all share. This topic brings to light the importance of resilience as a tool to enhance wellbeing. This being the beginning of what needs to be a continued effort of change.

Grateful & humbled by the experience.


Kavita Beri MD